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The Difference

Why buy beef that comes from grain-free, grass-finished, antibiotic- and hormone-free, pasture-raised cattle? Or pork from all-natural, non-GMO grain–fed hogs? Let us count the ways.

Sustainable Farming & Livestock Husbandry

Sustainable farming and animal husbandry refers to techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.

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Grass-Fed, Antibiotic-Free, and Hormone-Free Beef

Cattle raised in pastures with rotational grazing have access to grass at its greenest for peak nutrition, leading to more nutritional meat.

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Pasture-raised Pork

Pork from Roseberry Farm comes from raising heritage hogs the old-fashioned way— outdoors on a family farm where they get plenty of exercise and fresh air and are allowed to follow their foraging instincts.

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About Us

Hideout Hollow Ranch, nestled between Sheepneck Creek and Bear Creek in small-town Culleoka, Tennessee, is just one hour south of Nashville. We’re so glad you found us.

We are a family-run and veteran-owned ranch that believes beef doesn’t get any better than from all-natural, ethically raised, grass-fed cattle. And that’s just how we raise them at Hideout Hollow Ranch.

We are proud members of the Homegrown by Heroes program of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and also Pick Tennessee.

Explore our website and come visit our ranch to learn more about our all-natural, antibiotic- and hormone-free Angus beef.

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We are proud to supply the following middle Tennessee businesses:


I am picky about my beef and this beef blew it out of the water! Very fresh, tender, and rich with juices. We grilled some burgers and didn't put a pinch of seasoning on them and they had great flavor. No seasoning needed! You can tell the difference between the beef we have bought from the stores and this grass-fed beef, and we are sold on it. Can't wait for the next batch. Great people, great beef, and I would recommend it to anyone!”


Grilled 5 NY strips. One left unseasoned and the rest with fresh cracked pepper and a little salt. Amazing. They were so tender that I cut mine with a fork. The unseasoned strip was great. A clean fresh taste that quite frankly doesn't need anything else.”


The meat tastes fantastic! I'm so glad to feed my family the best grass fed meat at a reasonable price. I will definitely be back for more in the spring.”


Great hamburgers, can't wait to try the steaks. Very happy to support a local rancher and a wonderful family. Would highly recommend.”


Put down the A1, the salt, the butter, and whatever else you might be considering if you buy in to some of the Hideout Hollow Ranch beef. We just had sirloins for dinner and they were some of the most tender and flavorful cuts of meat I've had. Hideout Hollow Ranch have a repeat buyer in the Bowers family for sure. Fantastic grass fed beef at a great price and from some of the best folks you'll meet. It's a no brainer.”


Best hamburger I've ever had! I highly recommend their grass fed beef! You won't be disappointed!”


Tried the ground beef the other night and I was very impressed! Very lean (not a lot of fat to drain) and the texture was perfect. Can't wait to try some of the other cuts of meat you offer!”


This was an awesome burger! Very lean, tender, and flavorful. I would definitely recommend this beef to anyone!”


Thanks for sharing some burgers last night Marnie and Michael. Hands down some of the very best we've had!!”


Grilled up some these grass feed burgers and it was some of the freshest we've had! No need to even dress it up, delicious right off the grill!”


Grilled up some these grass feed burgers and it was some of the freshest we've had! No need to even dress it up, delicious right off the grill!”


There is a tremendous differences between the normal beef and this grass fed beef. The texture is rich and fresh, we have made several Vietnamese dishes from this beef and by far the best. One of our trending dishes is Vietnamese Noodle Soup, from broth to beef balls and between, we couldn't believe it at first but the meat sold itself. We are at the beginning stage of launching this Pho business and this will be our choice of meat for sure. We can't wait to try the burger patties this weekend.”


Very happy with the quality of the meat and to be able to get some of our favorite cuts! We will be a repeat customer for life.”


Tried our first "taste" with a ribeye and absolutely loved it! Tender, juicy and just plain delicious! We will be placing a much larger order soon!”


I could really tell the difference in the tenderness and flavor of this delicious beef. I am excited to try many new recipes with the ground meat and the filets will melt in your mouth!”


Visit the Ranch

How many ranches invite their customers to come visit their land, their home, and their cattle? Well, we do!

  • Our family has been in Tennessee since the 1700’s and we love this country.   The ranch began with a dream that has taken shape over the years since I finished service in the Navy.  

    Our ranch is on land that has cabins and structures dating back to 1830.  From 1970 until 2015 the land was basically left dormant. Returning it to an active ranch has taken a lot of work by the entire family.  Building roads, renovating the old barn, renovating the old farm house, building fences, and lots of reclaiming and clearing grown up pastures.  It’s been a labor of love for the entire family, restoring the land to its best purpose, and teaching our next generation the value of hard work, and where good food comes from.  

    And as Middle Tennessee grows, our vision is to provide the freshest grass fed beef.

    If interested, contact us today to arrange a tour or check out our gallery.